Neosho students won’t have to worry about paying for school supplies this year thanks to “ESSER”


NEOSHO, MO – One of the biggest headaches and expenses for parents, is going out and getting back-to-school supplies for their kids.

But that won’t be a problem for parents in the “Neosho School District,” thanks to a pleasant surprise.

the process and expense involved in picking up back to school supplies is something parents like Elissa Jalbert won’t have to worry about next month.

“A relief to be honest, I wouldn’t have to pay for school supplies this year, uh thank God for a change.” Says Elissa Jalbert, Neosho School District Parent.

“It’s awesome, especially when you’re low income, it’s hard to get school supplies, because you start several months in advance and you’ve got to take two small kids in a crowded area, it’s hard.” Says Jeannie Williford, Neosho School District Parent.

The Neosho School District has informed parents they’re using “ESSER” funds to cover the cost of supplies for every one of its roughly 4700 students from Pre-K through 12th grade.

“ESSER” stands for “Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund” and is part of the “Cares Act.”

So’s here how this will work, teachers will find out how many students they’ll have and order the student’s supplies ahead of time, that way, when the students show up their first day, the supplies will be waiting for them.

“I don’t think the kids actually realize to be honest what it takes to get school supplies, make sure those teachers have the stuff they’re supposed to have, what the kids need, most kids are oblivious to how much it costs.” Says Jalbert.

One less trip parents with kids in the Neosho School District will have to make this year, including those who attend Goodman Elementary.

Students return to class on August 24th.

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