Neosho schools asking for voter support


NEOSHO, Mo. — One Southwest Missouri school district is asking for voter’s support with a $22 million renovation project.

What are Neosho schools doing to improve their facilities?

The district wants to add a storm shelter in each of these schools and build a new performing arts center and an end zone facility.

And some Neosho residents weighed in on this tax proposal.

Chett Daniel, Neosho’s Future 2.0 Volunteer, said, “Neosho is a rural area and rural areas are facing issues like will they remain viable and the way you can keep that community viable is you create communities where people want to live and work.”

On Thursday evening, guided tours were held across the Neosho School District.

Residents were invited to visit each school and see all of the renovations that need to be made.

Those include a larger auditorium and a new field house, performing arts center, and locker room facilities for the high school.

The middle school needs a safer locking system for the entrance and a storm shelter.

And all elementary facilities will be equipped with storm shelters as well.

“I used to teach here in the school district and so we used to put our students in the hallways and then after the tornado in Joplin, we saw the damage that was done there and so we moved them to the bathrooms, but after we had the tornado in Goodman, now we see that that isn’t even a good option.”

Thursday’s event gave residents a chance to ask questions about the proposed tax levy increase and how it affects them.

“The levy increase that we’ll be asking voters to approve on April 7th is a 39 cent levy increase. That’s per $100,000 of assessed value and then the total amount that we’re asking for will be 22 million dollars.”

A Neosho alumni says he was involved in many campus activities and is proud to see improvements being made.

Aaron Decker, Neosho Resident, said, “I am a lifelong Neosho resident. I graduated from Neosho in 2003. I was a football player, but I was also in Show Choir and so this is a huge deal in improving our athletic facilities, but also, we never had anywhere to do our concerts when I was in high school, so I am a huge supporter of the fine arts building they’re wanting to do.”

While a concerned grandparent of two Neosho students is thankful that all buildings will have a storm shelter.

Lyndell Ulmer, Neosho Resident, said, “That’s vital these days. With the weather changing and stuff, you never know about the tornado season and that so yes.”

More information about the tax levy can be found here.

Storm shelters in all of Neosho’s schools will be completed by august of 2021.

The performing arts center and athletic facilities are set to be completed by the end of the same year.

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