Neosho Schools administration notices girls are becoming less interested in STEM


A local school district is noticing that when girls start to enter into their teens, they are become less interested in STEM fields.

“I like math,” says Elizabeth Bailey, Neosho Junior High student.

“At this age, it’s very critical for science, math, engineering, technology for 7th grade girls specifically,” says Tamie Williams, Neosho Junior High librarian.

Neosho administration are noticing that 12 to 13 year old girls start losing interest in STEM fields. After doing some research, they found while this age group of girls was 80 percent likely to be interested in the arts, STEM fell behind with only 30 percent of interest.

“This is the time in their life they start to feel- they start to lack confidence, and feel like that may not be something they’re interested in,” says Tamie Williams.

To help students get more interested in STEM, the librarian created a space where students can see a different side to education.

“In our library we have the makerspace to encourage students to explore new technologies or building,” says Tamie Williams.

“You can play with VR sets and you can create stuff, and you can play with the pens,” says Elizabeth Bailey.

And Elizabeth is noticing a difference in her attitude towards her education — now hoping someday to become an orthodontist.

“Yeah, it makes it a lot more fun, because it pushes you. kind of. Like say if you really wanted to get in the makerspace you have to push yourself to get good grades,” says Bailey

With Neosho administration hoping these girls will see the possibilities are endless.

“There is a job out there for them if they’re interested in those types of subjects,” says Tamie Williams.

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