Neosho School District takes extra measures to ensure student mental health well-being


The Neosho School District is taking other measures to ensure the well-being of students and faculty.

The school district is creating a mental health committee. The goal is to have specific plans in place for crisis situations, like suicide and other tragedies.

A group of people have already been selected to be on the committee and are already having meetings to figure out how to best help the community. Committee members are currently creating a social and emotional curriculum on positive communication behaviors.

“Every person should be able to identify possible signs of suicide and know how to intervene. The social and emotional learning part is very important, because kids need those skills to be successful as adults. I think it’s just vital to our community, because we have had so many recent suicides,” says Tracy Clements.

The committee is also looking at the school’s current suicide prevention and crisis plans and making adjustments as needed.

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