Neosho Pastor uses his platform to help inform people about COVID-19 vaccines and benefits


NEOSHO, MO – A pastor in Neosho is using his platform to help educate people about COVID-19 and the benefits of vaccinations.

Pastor Don McBride with Vida Abundante says it has been a challenge convincing members of his congregation to get vaccinated.

But believes that providing them with information is key to keeping them safe while gathering in large groups.

When the pandemic hit and the stay at home orders were put into place, the Vida Abundante Church went virtual.

Now, with services being held outside, Pastor Don McBride is using his platform to educate his congregation about getting vaccinated.

“Pastors are very well trusted by the group of people that come in. Very well respected and trusted. So, we’re always on a platform, we always have a message to share.” McBride says.

In his first approach of sharing his message, it came as easy as a press of a button.

“One of the ways that we did that, my wife and I both, when we got vaccinated we had pictures taken and we posted it out on social media. And then we encourage them in our messages, usually at the beginning, or at the end, we’ll say something to encourage them.” McBride says.

“If the pastor is doing legitimate research and understanding how the vaccines are saving lives that can be very beneficial.” Says Carrie Foote, Access Family Care Director of Compliance Quality and Risk Management.

And Pastor McBride is doing just that.

“The best thing I can do with the platform is show the information, the data that’s out there. You know the Delta variant when it came here, it really told a story. So, the people that are in the hospital now, 95 to 99 percent of them are unvaccinated.” McBride says.

McBride adds that throughout his encouragement he’s gotten a handful of his members to get vaccinated.

While it hasn’t been as much as he’s hoped, McBride adds about 50% of his church goers are vaccinated.

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