Neosho Newton County Library helps people learn more about their ancestry


A local library is keeping its doors open after hours to dive into ancestry.

Many people are gaining interest in learning about their family history. And the Neosho Newton County Library has all the tools you need to get started.

“I mean I know a lot of information on my dad’s side of the family and so I’m pretty excited to see who I might be related to on my mom’s side,” says Olivia Salmonsen, Keller Williams Real Estate Agent.

The Neosho Newton County Library held a lock in allowing residents to research their family heritage.

“We’re taking it like it’s going to be kind of a fun activity kind of a picnic type thing and those who are going to be here, I hope that they go away something that they didn’t already know about their family,” says Patricia Thompson, Genealogy Director.

For some, this can be a very time consuming process, which is why the Genealogy Friends Group is here to help.

“The whole idea is that a lot of people don’t have the time to just pop in here and once they get in here spend several hours to work on their genealogy and then there’s lots of other’s who haven’t started yet,” says Thompson.

The study of genealogy can be very useful for families, businesses, and federal proceedings.

“We had somebody from the IRS wanting us to look up some things on an individual business that’s here in the area. People are often looking for relatives they think might be relatives for adoption and that type of thing,” says Thompson.

And for one particular participant, she’s ready to dive into her family history and hopefully answer a few questions.

“Well tonight I would really like to see how much Cherokee I have in me. I know that I have some Cherokee in me, but I am not sure exactly who was Cherokee,” says Olivia Salmonsen.

If anyone missed tonight’s event, a member from the Genealogy Friends Group will be present the first Saturday of every month from eleven to three to help people get started on their journey.

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