NEOSHO, Mo. — The final part of a road construction project in Neosho received a bit of fanfare this morning. A number of officials were on hand as a portion of Kodiak Road, which was recently finished, was dedicated to Gene Schwartz, Senior. He’s a longtime Neosho business owner and one of the founding members of the “Neosho Transportation Development District.”

“I’m totally surprised and pleased with everybody’s thankfulness of what they and us all did. Wasn’t just me, you know, the group,” said Gene Schwartz, Sr., Honoree.

“It’s been rewarding when we get to this point now and we can see this thing done. The roads out here are now safer, much safer. We have this beautiful school complex out here that now we have good roads to get to it, and safe roads to get to it, so we’re excited about that,” added Steve Roark, Neosho TDD.

The TDD has been in existence since 2010 and, since that time, has funded a number of infrastructure projects in and around Neosho.