Neosho Newcaps program involves putting students through “Professional Boot Camp”


NEOSHO, Mo. — 30 students in one local school district are getting an opportunity to learn how to be a professional in the field they want to go into.

Juniors and Seniors in the Newcaps program at Neosho High School are going through a “Professional Boot Camp.”

The goal is to prepare them as much as possible with professional development skills, such as learning how to dress professionally, understanding how to properly introduce yourself to a potential employer and making a Linkedin account.

“What we try to emphasize to the students is that they are building their brand today. And so how they interact with professionals, how they post online, how they introduce themselves and speak to professionals,” said Chris Fenske – Neosho High School Newcaps Business Instructor.

Newcaps Student, Amara Christenson says not only is it a great learning opportunity, but a well affordable one too.

“It’s great because, you know, we get this opportunity and we don’t have to pay that huge price of college to where you have to have all this student debt to figure out what you like,” said Amara Christenson – Junior.

While students and their families are saving money with this learning opportunity, Fenske adds they’re also saving time for their future selves.

“Wherever they start professionally, we hope that they are at a higher level by May, and that’s really are goal, is that they are at point A today, but they’ve climbed the summit of professionalism by the end of the school year,” said Fenske.

The goal is to have these students at a professional level by may, Christenson says it’s challenging, but worth it.

“If you like a little bit of a challenge, you know, it’s really nice. It’s nice to have your brain working and have something that’s education focused other than more focused on, you know, like, busy work,” said Christenson.

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