Neosho Middle School students build a gazebo for a walking trail


NEOSHO, Mo. — Some students in Neosho are leaving a pretty impressive mark on a walking trail.

It’s a project important to them — and much bigger than them. And it’s all taking part in their science class

Sixth grade students at Neosho Middle School are building a gazebo for the schools “Sixth Grade Science Trail.” and it’s more than just a hands-on project.

“It kind of leaves behind legacies of the older students that you remember, so you always remember. And it’s kind of like a remembrance of all of the people who have been here before us,” said Kaide Sikes – Neosho Middle School Sixth Grader.

This isn’t the first project to take place at the science trail. In fact — many other students in the past have made an impact.

“A handful of years ago there was nothing out here but one old tree. And this ground really wasn’t being used and we thought the students need something else to do,” said Jim Wallace – Neosho Middle School Science Teacher.

What’s a yearly project… Adding something new to the science trail… Wallace says it helps teach life lessons.

“Anytime that these kids are inspired to learn, whatever it is, it’s inspiring and encouraging or a teacher. We want them to learn our standards in science, and math and ELA, but there’s a lot of other life lessons that they learn in school,” said Wallace.

For Sikes, that life lesson is bonding with the people that help him from start to finish.

“It’s really fun and I get to interact with other students. It’s like a good building bond experience, I believe,” said Sikes.

The whole project is funded by student purchases within their school store. Sikes says his grandfather does construction — and he’s excited to take what he’s learned from building the gazebo to help his grandfather with summer projects.

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