Neosho High School seniors are leaving their mark on a yearly tradition


One of the last rituals that seniors in Neosho High School get to do together is leave their legacy on Hill Street. One day of each year the street, which runs between the stadium and the school, is closed to traffic so seniors can paint sections of the road for posterity sake. But some seniors say it hasn’t always been that way.

“So in the 1970s when there was just one day cop and one night cop, painting The Hill was still illegal and someone would distract the cop and then everybody else would paint The Hill and then they just eventually started letting us paint it so I mean that’s how we just paint it now,” says NHS Senior John Jackson.

Parents and other family and friends, many of which did this same thing when they were in school, document the tradition with their phones and cameras. In many cases, students paint over the exact same spot used by prior generations. Not every student was able to avoid getting paint on themselves and some even became a canvas.

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