Neosho High School adds new alumni benches on campus


The new alumni benches at Neosho High School are adding to the beauty of the Wildcat campus.

The benches in the alumni patio of Neosho High School were installed during homecoming week. Four families involved in the Alumni Association graciously donated four benches to add to the patio. Teachers say the benches are always filled with students throughout the day.

“Alumni have done some really wonderful things. Like I mentioned, the patio that they did has been amazing. Kids sit out there all the time. They love it out there and our Key Club planted flowers in the planters and those look wonderful. And then the benches give people a place to sit and I just love what they’re doing,” says Karin Miller, Neosho High School Assistant Principal.

Miller adds that the high school is open to any other ideas the alumni have to beautify the campus and school.

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