Neosho families and businesses affected by worst flooding since 2017


NEOSHO, Mo. – Sunday’s flooding in Neosho is what city officials are calling one of the biggest floods they have dealt with since 2017.

Neosho emergency officials say they started responding to calls for help shortly after 9 AM.

They have performed 14 water rescues for residents throughout the city.

Some of the hardest hit areas include the areas of Morris Park, Riverside Drive, and Stratford.

Officials have not been able to assess total flood damage, but say they will begin to as soon as the water levels begin to recede.

For now, they are asking residents to use extreme caution on the roadways.

Chief David Kennedy of Neosho Police says, “There’s still, you know, gravel that’s washed over, there’s trees, trash cans, large debris that people need to watch out for and be aware until we can get that stuff cleaned up.”

Leland Butcher, Neosho City Manager says, “The city will do everything it can with shelters and if you need resources we can direct to the proper resources and hopefully help these people out.”

The Red Cross has opened a temporary emergency shelter at Calvary Baptist Church to help area residents in need.

Businesses throughout Neosho affected by flooding includes the gas station Wildcat Corner.

Owner Kevin Forkner had several volunteers come out to help him as flood waters seeped into areas near his station. .

Neosho local Spencer Bearden says Forkner was his youth football coach, so he was happy come to his assistance.

Bearden adds, “There’s a lot of mud blowing up from a lot of places. It’s just kinda of scrubbing the same thing over and over; that’s been kind of the hardest part. It just shows that when somebody needs help there’s a lot of people that will show up to come lend a hand.”

The owner of Wildcat Corner adds that fortunately, none of their fuel was touched by flood waters.

Neosho homeowner Micky Dummire and her family had a terrifying encounter of flood waters entering their home.

She lives in the northwest part of the city, and her stepson James Fulp rescued them.

Fulp was sleeping when the levels rose up to the windows of their home, prompting him to take action.

Fulp says, “I put my stuff up in the store right there. I came back and got my little baby sister. As I went to pick up and up back to the store I came back and there’s people trapped in the house on the side. As I get over the fence I had to take a dog and the dog with me to get up to the store.”

Dummire adds, “We’re going to try to wait until it dries up and then come back and clean it a little bit and take it slowly. Keep going to work and then refurbish what we [have] in here to make it better.”

She says she and her children will be staying with family members until they are able to begin recovering their home.

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