Neosho County officials working to fix mistake that led to I.R.S. fine


Neosho County officials say they’re taking steps to correct a mistake that lead to a more than $60 thousand dollar fine from the I.R.S.

Neosho County Human Resources Director Christy Hofer says the fine is the result of an incorrect report filed, showing the county as not in compliance with the Affordable Care Act for several months in 2016. However, she says that report is incorrect, and that the county did offer insurance through that period. Hofer says the I.R.S. has given the county time to file corrected reports, and she believes it’s likely the fine will be rescinded once that happens.

“We’re working on kind of a write up letter to give to the IRS, and that way with the documentation that I provide, plus the write up letter, we’re hopeful that that explanation of how this happened will be enough for them to write it off,” says Christy Hofer, HR Director, Neosho County.

The deadline for the forms to be filed is January 9th, however Hofer says she plans to have them filed early next week.

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