Neosho company holds grand opening tomorrow


A Neosho company is inviting you to its grand opening tomorrow.

It’s just an average day of work for Jason Lankford, and this is where he spends a lot of his time.

Jason Lankford, Customer Service and Technical Manager, Black Rain Ordinance: “I’m usually out here at the range, speaking a lot with the customers.”

He’s the customer service and technical manager for Black Rain Ordinance.

Jared Moser, General Manager, Black Rain Ordinance: “Black Rain Ordinance is a precision firearms manufacturer located here in Neosho, Missouri.”

And a lot of the time he spends at the company firing range is spent answering questions, or helping out when something doesn’t work quite right.

Jason Lankford, Customer Service and Technical Manager, Black Rain Ordinance: “It could be anything from a mechanical failure to just somebody not being acquainted with the platform.”

But no matter what, there’s always one topic that’s always discussed.

Jason Lankford, Black Rain Ordinance: “That’s one of the biggest things I key on, is weapons safety. Always knowing the state of the weapon, whether it be loaded or unloaded, so that way when they pick it up they know what they have in their hands.”

Lankford is just one member of the Black Rain team, and he, like others, are still getting used to their new home. They’ve only occupied this facility for a few months, but it’s already clear it has advantages, like one on one contact.

Jared Moser, General Manager, Black Rain Ordinance: “We try to get to know the customers to find out what their needs are.”

General Manager Jared Moser says while customers do have other options for buying Black Rain’s products, Neosho, Missouri is the only place where you can meet the people who designed and built the rifles face to face.

Jared Moser, General Manager, Black Rain Ordinance: “To see what level of rifle they’re needing to get into, whether it’s an entry level, it’s their first rifle, or they’re planning to start shooting competitively, we have rifles set up specifically for that.”

Meanwhile, Lankford is out at the range, working. And while he says the job does have its moments, he also says working at Black Rain, doing what he loves and passing that passion on to others makes it nearly impossible to think there’s a better job out there.

Jason Lankford, Black Rain Ordinance: “I’d be hard pressed to find it, yeah.”

Tomorrow’s grand opening gets underway at 9 o’clock in the morning, with U.F.C. fighters Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonner there to sign autographs from 11 through 1, and a concert tomorrow evening.

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