Neosho city manager releases “State of the City” report


Neosho’s city manager has released his “State of the City” report and is determined to focus on a few key issues.

It’s everything from aging infrastructure to growing the local economy. Leland Butcher says since he’s been in office, he’s seen hard working employees and residents who only want the best for the community.

“They’re very dedicated and want the city to move forward and provide the services that the citizens expect,” says Butcher.

Neosho city manager Leland Butcher has been in office for a little more than 100 days. He has released a state of the city report looking at plans and opportunities he sees for the future of the city. 

“To grow Neosho we are going to have to work together. The city and these other outside organizations- it has to be a collaborative effort. Nobody has unlimited resources and we need to work together and combine our resources,” says Butcher.

Butcher says it’s important to grow the city’s economy through teamwork between the city and local businesses. He also wants to focus on the infrastructure, adding aging machinery has not been replaced since the 1940’s and it’s noticeable. 

“I don’t think we’ve done the maintenance required, and it’s starting to show with our water loss rate, and part of the sewer collection systems is nearing capacity, and these take investments. To bring them up to acceptable standards,” says Butcher.

Butcher also points out the police and fire stations are older and need an upgrade. But this is all in due time, and are just some of the things the city manager wants to work on while in office.

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