Neosho church helps provide food to those in need


NEOSHO, Mo. — Folks at Monarch Baptist Church in Neosho made contact with a whole lot of people. Their mission – providing food to residents in Newton and McDonald Counties.

Jesse Elizardo, Neosho Resident, said, “Well I look at it, little kids don’t have to starve, you know I like it because, everybody gets fed and just wish some of the homeless would come up here and try it out.”

Jesse Elizardo is one of many that has received a food box from Farmers To Families at King Food Saver in Neosho.

“I say that god bless them. Real good. Cause we’re doing something a lot of people don’t care about you know these people care. Like I said I praise them and they’re great people.”

Farmers To Families is a government program that is funded through the USDA that started back in May. So far they have served more than 10 counties in the Newton and McDonald County Area.

Felicia Goswick, Volunteer, said, “As a church our main goal is just to help and serve people.”

Each box has enough food to last someone a week.

“The boxes have mixed produce- there’s fruits there’s vegetables. These boxes also have mixed dairy items some cheese, yogurts, sour cream and also have fully cooked meat items which sometimes are you’ll have hot-dogs sometimes taco meat, chicken just really varies. And they also get a gallon of milk as well.”

The program is for anyone needing food. We help everyone, there’s elderly people who get boxes there’s young families with children singles just anybody that needs food we give them too.

People in the community are grateful for their service.

“There’s been a lot of great feedback everyone loves it each time we kinda have to fight to get it again to be able to get food for each phase and we are just the advocates for our community.”

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