Neosho Chamber of Commerce helps small businesses work together


NEOSHO, Mo. — A handful of non-profits in and around Neosho are learning about – and receiving help from – each other.

It’s called collective voices and put on by the Neosho Area Chamber of Commerce. We were able to talk to the organizer – and learn more about what the event is designed to do.

Charity Shelton Neosho Chamber of Commerce Administrative Assistant, said, “It’s gonna benefit in being able to connect and spread the through other non-profits.”

Charity Shelton is the organizer of Collective Voices – a meeting for the local non-profits in the Neosho area.

“It is just the meetings of the minds of the non-profits, it is a chance for them to connect to um be able to know, if there events will conflict with each other what’s going on with the different non-profits so that we can come together and work together as a community.”

Collective voices has about 40 members, but due to covid protocols, the meetings have been reduced to hold 20 members.

“It’s important so that we’re not all doing the same thing so we’re able to bind together and make a bigger impact and in one area instead of trying to do that in multiple areas in smaller settings.”

Each meeting, there are a lot of the same face, and also new faces that are wanting to make an impact on the community.

“For today we talked about the individual events and the happenings of the non profits that were there today. Lindsey from Mintahama she was the highlighted non-profit of the month and she was telling a little about Mintahama about how they are coming about and how they are preparing to open to the public in the future to open that– it’s basically a giant camp ground and it’s going to have so much possibilities.”

Representatives from Mintahama, the Newton County Community Coalition, and the George Washington Carver National Monument were in attendance.

“I think it’s very valuable for different non-profits the connections they’ve made that they wouldn’t have made in other settings we basically provide that meeting so that they can make that connection and it’s not them going out of their way making a cold call you know so to speak. It gives them a place to start and introduce themselves.”

Collective Voices meets on the third Wednesday of every month at 10 a.m. at the Neosho Area Chamber of Commerce.

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