NEO A&M College redesigns school’s app


This semester, the campus launched the redesign of its mobile app. It features a new layout and interactive campus map.

In addition, students are able to see events and activities offered, as well as when a class they are taking is cancelled.

One of the biggest features includes students access to NEO’s Department of Public Safety. With just one click, if a person is in need, they can call campus security while in the app.

“I think student’s need to be very, very aware when things are going on in campus,” explained Assistant VP for Academics Dustin Grover. “If we have any kind of issues on campus, safety is always at the forefront of our administrative concerns. Everyday we show up to work and we want to make sure our student body is safe.”

Grover adds as technology continues to evolve they will add more features in the next few months.

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