NEO A&M College hosts Board of Regents


The campus of NEO A&M College hosted the Board of Regents in efforts of assessing the agricultural and mechanical colleges in Oklahoma.

This is the first time in two years the meeting has been held on campus and school leaders say it’s a great opportunity to showcase the beauty of Northeast Oklahoma.

NEO A&M united with education professionals, as well as local residents for a special meeting of the Board of Regents. The organization appointed by the governor and approved by the Senate approves various policies for the 5 schools they represent.

“This is a huge event for us to host obviously it’s the kickoff to our centennial year which we are all very excited about,” says Mark Rasor, NEO A&M Vice President for Fiscal Affairs.

Campus officials say this meeting allows them to evaluate their financial issues and look at how legislation is impacting their role in education as well. Within the next few years, NEO is looking to launch a deferred maintenance program which is estimated to cost about $12 million dollars.

“Currently we’re renovating copen hall which includes total demo inside. We are going to redo the HVAC heat and air, we’re going to do the floors, windows, doors, we are going to try to upgrade the security of the building,” says Mark Rasor.

Rasor adds they lean on the board heavily and everything they do requires board approval. 
So this event serves as a chance for the them to get an up close look on the projects they are working on. For the board, they are excited to provide an opportunity for those in attendance to let their voices be heard.

“We like for people to come and encourage participation. We do allow also on our agenda time for if there’s public comment and often we get people from various communities to come and speak on something that’s important them,” says Calvin J. Anthony, Chairman Board of Regents.

Anthony adds his biggest hope is for people in attendance to get a better understanding of how higher education operates. Also, that it gives them confidence of the impact they are making across the state.

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