NEO A&M College begins classes


MIAMI, Okla. — A new school year is underway on the campus of NEO A&M in Miami.

Given the option, all the students we talked to today say they prefer to learn in-person, instead of virtually — so, they weren’t taking this first day for granted.

School President, Dr. Kyle Stafford, says faculty members feel the same way.

“We believe we do our best work face to face, our faculty will say that, our students will say that and so we want to be in the classroom, the students want to be in the classroom,” said Dr. Kyle Stafford, President, NEO A&M College

“I like being in person because I don’t think kids don’t learn anything on Zoom, they’re too distracted and don’t pay attention at all, so I think in person in way better,” said Autumn Hines, NEO Sophomore

“Yeah I just like getting to be in class, it makes me, like I was just sitting in my Biology class and I was like, I’m so happy to be back, I was just so excited,” said Sydnee Martin, NEO Sophomore

Rides to class were also provided by volunteers in golf carts today. Students also had the chance to learn about campus organizations, COVID-19 vaccinations — and even apply for jobs both on and off campus.

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