Neff & Day Law Firm looks to file lawsuit against Protein Solutions


A Neosho law firm is looking to file a lawsuit against Protein Solutions in Joplin.

The potential lawsuit looks to get compensation for residents affected by the odors produced by the manufacturing plant. Several Joplin and Duquesne residents received this letter in the mail stating the Neff & Day Law Firm in Neosho is investigating the matter, and are looking to file a potential class action lawsuit against Protein Solutions. And while the city of Joplin has made strides to help minimize the odors, like the odor complaint forms, some say it’s not enough, and want more efforts implemented.

Joplin resident John Ochoa received a letter in the mail, and immediately became interested in what it had to say. 

“I figured, well, someone is finally going to do something about this,” says John Ochoa.

A letter from the Neff & Day Law Firm in Neosho states it is “currently investigating the possibility of filing litigation against protein solutions for the emission of noxious odors.” 

“I’ve had a lot of clients contact me about what they can do to protect their property rights and to be able to enjoy their property when the odors are coming across their properties and they have to go inside and shut their windows, or they’re trying to sell their house and they disclose that when it gets above 70 or 75 and the wind is at a certain direction you get an odor,” says Terry Neff.

“If people came to our house to look at it, open house or whatever and they say, ‘My God, what is that smell? I’m not sure. How long has this been going on?’ And then you have to lie to people, ‘Well, it just happened,’ that would be a lie,” says John Ochoa.

More than 4,000 letters with questionnaires were sent out to residents, so the law firm can get the extent of the situation. 

“We’re going to get all of those in, and then we are going to proceed most likely with litigation and see if we can seek class action status to try and get our clients compensation to make up for the losses they’ve incurred because of the ongoing noxious odors that’s being admitted in the atmosphere,” says Terry Neff.

“Oh I just hope to get it rectified because we’ve got some nice neighbors here and stuff and they have children and their animals and stuff and why would you spend all this money for these properties and then have to go through all this? To me it’s not fair,” says John Ochoa.

And we did reach out to Protein Solutions for a comment. Its subsidiary, 3D Solutions says “we utilize state-of-the-art equipment to mitigate odor and employ best practices to ensure our plant is properly controlled.  Protein Solutions is proud to state that we operate within all state and local regulations.”

The Neff & Day Law Firm is waiting to hear back from residents about the odor before they take any legal action.

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