Native artists showcase their work


Artists from several tribal nations show off their work in the Shawnee Tribe’s art market. 

It is a chance for Native artists to sell and highlight their works. 

This is the second market the Shawnee Tribe Cultural Center has held, and the amount of vendors and attendees have doubled as well.

Some of the items sold include ceramics, beadwork, paintings, and more. 

Muscogee Creek Nation artist Bill McCulley specializes in making decorative slate rocks.

McCulley says, “I can turn it sideways and I can see images in the rock, and I usually enhance it with color so people can see what I’m looking at because a lot of people would never take the time to look at anything, especially like a rock.” 

Natalie Wadle of the Shawnee Tribe Cultural Center says, “There’s a guy making Cherokee baskets. He’s also making the baskets while he’s selling the stuff. So you get the see the amount of work and time that goes into making these objects and talk to the artists that are actually making them versus buying something even in our gift show.” 

Wadle adds in the future the center would like to add demonstrators to show how to make the art work.

They also hope to have food vendors as well.

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