KSN/KODE — It’s almost time for goblins and ghouls to hit the streets and beg neighbors for tricks or treats. In order to have a spooktacular night, its essential to prioritize safety to ensure every parent, partygoer, and trick-or-treater has a good time without any haunting mishaps. These top 10 Halloween safety tips will help you navigate festivities with confidence.

1. Plan your costume with safety in mind

Dress for the weather! Avoid costumes that may leave you cold or overheated. Avoid costumes that might obstruct your vision or breathing. Masks can be particularly tricky, so opt for alternatives like nontoxic makeup. Additionally, make sure your costume is free from long, tripping hazards and sharp accessories that could cause harm. Sharp fake weapon props or rogue safety pins should be examined with a keen eye.

2. Make emergency preparedness plans

Review your trick-or-treating route or party arrangements. Designate a rendezvous point in case someone gets separated from the group. Remember the golden rule of the buddy system. Young trick-or-treaters should always be under the watchful eye of a responsible adult. If you happen upon a lost child, stay with them, and reach out for assistance. And, of course, remind all trick-or-treaters never to wander into a stranger’s home.

3. Keep your phone charged

In case of emergency, you will probably need a phone to call for help or inform others of your location. Your phone can also double as a navigation tool through the moonlit neighborhoods and serve as a flashlight if the shadows grow too long.

4. Stay Well-Lit

Halloween nights can be dark, so make sure you’re easily visible. Carry a flashlight or wear glow sticks, LED accessories, or reflective tape to ensure drivers can see you. This is especially important for young trick-or-treaters.

5. Never assume cars will stop

Be extra cautious when crossing streets. Always use crosswalks, follow traffic signals, and look both ways before stepping onto the road. Cross the street in a group. Drivers should also be extra vigilant on Halloween night.

6. Know your surroundings

Whether you’re a seasoned trick-or-treater in your own neighborhood or a mysterious wanderer in unfamiliar lands, it’s paramount to keep a watchful eye on your surroundings. Stick to well-lit areas, exercise caution around cars and strangers, and be discerning about accepting drinks or offerings from unfamiliar sources.

7. Inspect treats for choking hazards and more

To maintain a peaceful spirit, engage in the ritual of inspecting Halloween treats together at home. This simple act can exorcise fears of allergens, tampering, and choking hazards. Be wary of any foreign objects and harmful substances, and never entertain unwrapped or opened candy. Be vigilant about any candy recalls, and refrain from partaking in homemade treats.

8. Avoid vandalism

Keep your property well-maintained and brightly lit as neglected properties are more likely to attract vandals with malevolent intent. A double-check of all floodlights, motion-activated lights, and video surveillance cameras is necessary. If you plan to be away, leave lights on to create an illusion of occupancy. Lock all windows, gates, and doors, and keep valuables hidden from any prying eyes.

9. Be considerate

In the spirit of Halloween camaraderie, be respectful and considerate. Only visit homes that have a porch light on or are openly participating in the candy exchange. Show reverence for private property by staying on sidewalks, designated paths, and refraining from touching decorations. It’s wise to avoid crashing private events to which you weren’t invited. If you’re feeling under the weather, it’s best to abstain from handing out candy. Extend your kindness to older trick-or-treaters and pedestrians as well.

10. Be mindful of pets and stray animals

Halloween can be a hair-raising experience for our furry friends. Keep your pets secure by keeping them indoors to protect them from the spectral spookiness outside. If they must venture into the realm of shadows, ensure their safety and distance them from the revelry. Should you encounter a stray animal during your nocturnal journey, assess the situation before making a move. Wild animals should be left undisturbed, and children should be kept at a safe distance from unfamiliar creatures. Instead, call upon the expertise of animal patrol to guide the lost souls back to safety.

Follow these safety tips to ensure that you and your fellow celebrants revel in the spirit of Halloween without any unwelcome scares.