Parents and students cope with anxiety on whether to go back to school in person


ST. LOUIS – A big struggle is taking place in homes across the St Louis area. Families are deciding whether to send their children back to school or choose virtual learning from home.

As the positive COVID cases ramp up, so does the anxiety for parents. Many of them worry about what their decision will mean for the child now and in the long run.

Dr. John Paruch, a BJC medical group psychiatrist at Christian Hospital, says it is important for parents to sit down and have open dialogue with one another about their worries and fears.

He says create a list of pros and cons so they can determine their most important needs and unique circumstances. If parents and their child can’t agree on whether to return to school, parents need to make sure they let their child be heard.

Dr. Paruch says it is ultimately the parent’s decision, but you can allow the child to communicate their own thought processes so that you can better understand where they are emotionally.

Parents are also stressed out about how to be an at home teacher while juggling the responsibilities of their own jobs.

Dr. Paruch says preparation is the key. Find ways to get creative and connect with others who can support you.

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