SANDPOINT, Idaho – A $7 million waterfront castle in Idaho has every luxurious desire a hermit homeowner would want – including not enough bedrooms for overnight guests.

Castle Von Frandsen is an 8,000-square feet castle located on 10 acres of Frandsen Forest on the shores of Lake Pend Oreille in northern Idaho.

Photos of the castle on Pend Oreille Lake and its listing circulated on social media after the Zillow Gone Wild Facebook account posted photos along with the caption: “One of the most castley castles we’ve ever seen.

The two-bedroom, three-bathroom residence was built in 2022, with no garage, according to the real estate listing.

There may not be a moat, but it does have a stone tunnel and an interior plunge pool.

Pend Oreille Lake is considered a top 10 marketplace for lake homes and land lots in the state of Idaho, according to Lake Homes Realty.

Homes for sale near Pend Oreille Lake can range between $137,000 and $7,000,000, with a total market value of around $100,000,000, according to the real estate website.

The castle has been on Zillow for 26 days and garnished over 84,000 views.

The castle “was hand built from granite quarried in British Columbia and hand-chiseled to fit on site. The massive timber beams were harvested and honed from the forest,” according to listing.

The “whimsical enchanting home” is just minutes from the artful, trendy, and inviting town of Sandpoint, Idaho.

The listing has almost 3,000 comments.

“This is giving me Monty Python and the Holy Grail vibes. If I had the misfortune to live here, I would definitely just spend my time making low budget films about the Middle Ages. And maybe hosting an annual Renaissance Faire. Holy crap, who thinks of this stuff?”

“I was literally thinking ‘Robin Hood: Men In Tights’”

‘‘You’d definitely need to have a Killer Rabbit or two on the property..and have guards that say Ni, they will not allow just anyone pass..and don’t forget coconuts for riding your horse through the forest..thats a must.”

“And surely castles need maids and cooks and butlers and knights? Where do they sleep??”

Zillow Gone Wild typically lists houses for sale that are unusual or interesting.  The Facebook account has over 1 million followers.