KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Two pictures shared by the Kansas City Police Department show the danger of fentanyl-laced pills.

The department posted two pictures on Facebook. One shows a real 30 mg oxycodone pill. The other is a counterfeit pill laced with fentanyl.

The department then asked people to identify the two pills correctly.

Blue pills with a line and the number 30. Only the one on the left is a legitimate prescription pill. Source: DEA

Both of the images taken by the Drug Enforcement Agency show blue pills. They both have a score down the middle and the number 30.

Do you know which is which?

According to the Kansas City Police Department, the pill on the left is the authentic one and the pill on the right is the one laced with fentanyl.

The DEA said 40 percent of all lab-tested counterfeit pills contain enough fentanyl to kill a user. Agents said they’ve already seized more than 20 million pills this year, and that it’s a national crisis for the United States.