FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Brotherly love sometimes needs a small lake to separate siblings.

Two Florida brothers have their side-by-side mansions up for sale. 

Photos of the Fort Lauderdale estate and its listing circulated on social media after the Zillow Gone Wild Facebook account posted photos along with the caption: Identical twin brothers just listed their side-by-side mansions. One of the brothers is a chiropractor known for having the 1-800-411-PAIN accident victim referral line.

The combined homes have 12 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, and over 31,000 square feet that cover over 11 acres. both residences were designed by architect Jeffrey Dungan with interior design by Josh Fein of Fein Zalkin Interiors, according to the Zillow listing.

Built in 2020, the two homes have 10 garage spaces, movie theaters and infinity pools, the listing states.

The listing states the resort-style compound is like no other in all of South Florida. Two French Country style mansions are separated by a large private bass-filled lake. A citrus garden showcases over 20 varieties of fruits, perfect to enjoy hand-pressed juices.

The house has been on the market for six days.

Some of the 21,000 comments on Zillow Gone Wild:

“If I had this with my brother, I would make a draw bridge on the water between our houses so if I ever got mad at him, to let him know, I would reel the bridge in.

“Do they fire cannons at each other over the moat?

“Chiropractor? Lol That’s a lot of adjustments. Lol.”

“Florida chiropractors must do a lot better than they do in Indiana.”

“This is like every 4th grader’s dream..’ and we’ll be super rich and live right next to each other and our spouses will be best friends and our kids will be best friends…’”

“How many gators in the pond?”

What in the world of medieval fortress dungeon meets American psycho dentist torture chamber with a touch of Miami Vice interior decorating nightmare.”

Zillow Gone Wild typically lists houses for sale that are unusual or interesting.  The Facebook account has over 1 million followers.