BEVERLY HILLS, California – You are in the right zip code to rent this unique home.

The seven-bedroom, nine-bathroom 15,200 square-foot house rents for $150,000 a month.

Photos of the Beverly Hills rental and its listing circulated on social media after a Zillow Gone Wild Facebook account posted photos.

The real estate listing describes the property as “through private double guard gates of the Beverly Ridge Estates, welcome to this unique, custom home that was carefully crafted to express Italian Romanticism while offering all the modern conveniences of 21st Century living.”

The residence was designed by the renowned Robert Rivani, the listing states.

The house has been on the market for 29 days.

Some of the 1,300 comments on Zillow Gone Wild:

“I…can’t even tease this house because it would be one giant nerdy flex during parties. It’s tacky but dang I love that iron throne.”

“Anytime we see a castle that actually fully commits I call that a win.”

“Does it come with folks to pay tribute to me?”

“I remember when the wife (Carlton) was on Real Housewives (Beverly Hills). We got to see inside it then.

“We also saw it on Million Dollar Listing when the Altman brothers tried to sell it. If I remember correctly, no buyers.”

“While I recognize the artistry here, it is definitely not a place I would want to live in.”

Zillow Gone Wild typically lists houses for sale that are unusual or interesting.  The Facebook account has over 1.1 million followers.