‘National Spin a Top Day’ serves as physics lesson for PSU students


PITTSBURG, Kans. — October 13th is international spin a top day.

Which is why students and faculty members at Pittsburg State took to the hallway of the Kansas Technology Center on Wednesday. Russ Rosmait, a PSU Engineering Technology instructor says there’s science involved in the designing, production and spinning of the addictive metal mechanisms.

“So we 3D print the model, we make a pattern, we cast that, and then we pour those castings, we also use these types of events for activities for kids, so we have an event called “Casting For Kids” and all the kids can come in and they use this little flask that we have and pour their own little tops,” said Russ Rosmait, PSU Engineering Technology.

Spinning tops are also a good example of the physics of friction, momentum, gravitational torque and centrifugal force.

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