National safety month, and taking steps to stay safe at work


JOPLIN, MO – June is national safety month. This month raises awareness about taking steps to stay safe at work. The goal is to prevent accidents and injuries while out on the job.

“The average 2.8 million workers get injured annually so if you really think about that and if you look at the cost of that, it’s astronomical.” Says Steve Bell, owner of EHS of Joplin Missouri.

the occupational safety and health administration is raising awareness about accidents during June and focusing on prevention.

The owner of “Employer Health and Safety LLC” teaches employers in Joplin how to keep their employees safe.

He says most accidents and injuries are preventable if companies use job hazard analysis.

“That’s basically looking at the job aspects, all the hazards associated with the job and all the corrective actions if its job procedures, policies, personal protective equipment, or just communication to the average worker.” Says Bell.

Bell says the most dangerous occupations are construction sign installation, industrial, manufacturing, and warehousing.

He says falls are the deadliest hazards at work zones and stresses the importance of wearing a fall safety harness.

“All of your harness components have to be in the proper location. This right here has to across your breast plate. All your leggings or straps need to be tied correctly. Also, you just need to inspect it before you put on because a lot of people put on fall protection that’s not safe. It’s worn out, it’s dry rotted, it’s deteriorated, the buckles are not functioning properly.” Says Bell.

He says some workers skip the harness to save time.

“Extra minute save your life and also the pain and suffering of your family. If you’re not coming home, it’s going to be a terrible situation.” Says Bell.

Bell stresses companies put policies and procedures in place along with training.

He says workers should recognize hazards and tell their supervisors if they feel unsafe.

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