National Preparedness Month


JASPER COUNTY, Mo. — September is National Preparedness Month, a time where families should develop an emergency plan for a disaster or review an existing one.

Disaster can strike at any given moment. Are you and your family prepared?

Keith Stammer, Director, Jasper County Emergency Management, said, “We ask that everyone have a plan, have a kit and be informed.”

The Four State Area is no stranger to tornadoes, flooding, high winds and even ice storms. Having a plan when disaster strikes can keep you out of harms way.

“We hide from the wind, and run from the water. So you need to know where shelter is or your evacuation plan.”

When preparing your emergency kit, be sure to include enough supplies to last about three days.

“Store some things in a box or backpack, some food, some water, some snacks, a change of clothes, some medicines, a radio with separate batteries, a flashlight with separate batteries.”

And of course, remain informed.

“And that is know ahead of time about the weather situation or the particular problems that may be happening in your area.”

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