National Poisoning Prevention Week raises awareness


FOUR STATE AREA — Each day more than 300 children across the country are treated for poisoning.

March 15th through 21st is recognized as National Poisoning Prevention Week.

Poisoning is a public health issue that could affect anyone at any age.

The leading cause of poisoning in young children are medicines, cosmetics, household cleaners, and pain medicine.

Cherie sage with Safe Kids Kansas says almost anything can be poisonous if used in the wrong way, in the wrong amount, or the wrong person.

Cherie Sage, State Director, Safe Kids Kansas, said, “We want to remind everyone that the best way to prevent poisoning is by making sure that you always read and follow labels, you keep items in their original containers, and keep potential poisons locked up out of sight and reach of children and pets. You should never ever share a prescription medication with anyone expect who that prescription is written to.”

Sage says with kids being out of school due to coronavirus, it is important to inspect your home and identify potential poisons.

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