National magazine highlights Cottey College for best educational value


For the fourth consecutive year, Cottey College in Nevada has been highly ranked for being among the best values in the Midwest.

According to U.S. News and World Report, Cottey ranked number two in the categories of best value, as well as lowest student debt upon graduation.

“Our average debt load is $12 thousand, which is $17 thousand below the national average, so they’re starting on a different playing field than a lot,” explained Cottey Enrollment VP David Heringer. “Their income can go to other things, such as maybe additional education, or family, or what not.”

And, that’s exactly what Cottey junior Becca Vukin plans on doing.

“I want to go to grad school, so I know that it’s going to be more attainable for me to go somewhere else because when leaving Cottey, I won’t have such a burden,” said Vukin.

This isn’t the first time Cottey has been highly ranked in this category. In fact, last year, they finished number nine. And this year, all the way up to number two.

College of the Ozarks, in the Branson area, came in at number three.

Cottey also finished fourth in the Midwest region for schools with the largest proportion of international students.

According to Vukin, all of these findings make Cottey an easy sell once women get to campus.

“I’m someone who speaks a lot with prospective students, so I’m getting to tell them it’s so amazing to come here and the rankings prove it,” Vukin explained.

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