The event encourages owners to make their homes and businesses as efficient as possible which is especially important with colder weather on the way.

Eldon Howery with Lowe’s Home Improvement in Joplin says if you spend a little bit of money on upgrades now, those efforts will pay for themselves in the long run.

He says there are several types of insulation and caulking products, and the cost of those items continues to decline.

He adds new appliances can also help you save money over the life of the product. 

“Hot water heaters are more energy than what they were years ago cause they’ve got almost four inches of foam insulation in them, before it was only fibreglass about two inches, so that’s big energy efficient when you buy a hot water heater,” says Howery.

He says light bulbs can also help save energy. The newest LED bulbs last much longer and put out more light compared to older ones, but require less energy.