WEBB CITY, Mo. — Many of you may have spent your day trying to find that perfect live Christmas tree. If you weren’t able to, there’s a reason.

“We’ve been having problems getting trees the last five years. There’s a shortage of Christmas trees nationally and that’s affected us here in the four state area,” said Andy Johnson, Owner and Partner of Bridgestone Christmas Trees.

The owner of “Bridgestone Christmas Trees” in Webb City says “Fraser firs” are the most sought after trees and are the hardest to get.

“With the Fraser fir being on short supply, the big farm is substituting Balsam fir and Concolor fir in place of those. Both are real nice trees. They are a little different than the Fraser, but they are still a beautiful tree. We do have Douglas fir here as well. We do have some spruce trees as well and white pines. And the ones we grow out in the field are Scotch pines,” said Johnson.

He says the supply shortages are caused by the recession several years ago, which impacted tree planting and recent wild fires out west.

“I think people understand what we are dealing with. We try to tell them before they leave look your not going to be able to find them. There’s are other tree farms that are sold out already. Nurseries are already sold out. So your not going to be able to go from spot to spot to spot trying to find your tree. They usually settle with something but we’ve got plenty of trees right now, just not the really tall ones,” said Johnson.

The shortage isn’t stopping families from purchasing live trees.

“I think its something we established was important because the tradition of coming out together, finding the tree and cutting it down. It’s just something we all remember and really like to do together,” said Kelsey Anthony, Bridgestone Christmas Tree Customer.

After bringing your tree home make sure to water it daily to keep it fresh and keep it away from an open flame, vents and stoves.