National Breastfeeding Month


JOPLIN, Mo. — The month of August is National Breastfeeding Month–a period to recognize the mothers who choose to feed their children using this method.

Breastfeeding can be scary for many moms, but what if you are nursing two babies at once?

Melissa Gurley, Mother, said, “So this third baby comes along, I’m still nursing my middle, never thought I’d tandem nurse, which is nursing two babies or more at the same time.”

A situation mom of three Melissa Gurley had to face, and it encouraged her to join a network of women facing similar issues, Chi Chi Mama’s Breastfeeding Support Group.

“And so being able to be in a room with women who were very comfortable nursing their babies helped me understand just how normal it is, how natural it is, and how to hold my baby.”

August is National Breastfeeding Month– and this year’s theme is Supporting A Healthier Planet,

Angela K. Jobes, Lead Peer Counselor, Joplin Health Dept., said, “It is important for everybody and it is important for our Earth because there is nothing to dispose of it’s all natural we automatically make it.”

And not only is the method natural, it supports a healthy lifestyle for the baby.

“They have fewer ear infections, urinary tract infections, they have fewer serious illness and disease.”

While Gurley’s children aren’t of breastfeeding age anymore, she’s still plans on staying in the group so she can help the next new mom.

“And so I just don’t want to leave because this is no longer relevant to me, and I’m all about helping new moms,” said Gurley.

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