Mural showcases 10th Annual Bobber Drop in Grove


GROVE, Okla. – In light of the 10th Annual Bobber Drop, a new mural is being painted in the City of Grove.

Grove artist Rhonda Rife is creating a painting showcasing the bobber drop Grand Lake Sports Center puts on each year. The mural showcases Grand Lake Sports Center owner Sam Williams dropping bobbers from an airplane above Grand Lake. This Saturday is when the mural will come to life with the annual event. Several thousand bobbers will be dropped for anyone to pick up filled with prizes. For Rife, she is happy to show her artistry in the community in this way.

“Everybody’s involved in it. I mean they come from everywhere from all around to come get a bobber. So, I hope it stays here for a long time. So many people that are donating prizes and cash gifts and everybody just wants to be apart of it.”

Rhonda Rife, Grove Artist

The bobber drop will be held Saturday, July 20th at 8 am. The grand prize given out in one special bobber, which is a $2,500 cash prize.

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