Patrolman David Wright is the man behind the Miami Police Department’s infamous “Mugshot Monday.”
“What we do from week to week is I gather reports of everybody that’s been arrested Monday through Sunday,” said David Wright, Miami Police Department patrolman.
Wright is then responsible for posting those mugshots to the police department’s Facebook page. 
“It was a good way for us to communicate what the department’s doing in the community and for them to see, you know, some of the crimes, local crimes, that are going on and what our department’s trying to do about it,” said Wright. 
Officers say Mugshot Monday has become a huge success with the police department gaining 20,000 views on Facebook.
“We’re able to get information out for the city and, you know, we have right at 7,300 followers right now. And so, we can get information out directly to the majority of our community instantly,” said Thomas Anderson, Miami Police Chief.
Chief Anderson says they’ve received a great response from the community with people keeping tabs on when MPD posts the mugshots.
“If they’re not up by about 3 o’clock everyday, people start sending us messages, ‘Hey, where’s our mug shots, we gotta have this, this is the best thing going and it’s just amazing.’ We get fan letters on Facebook to Mugshot Monday, it’s just been a great PR tool for the police department,” said Chief Anderson. 
Some people arrested have even asked the officers if they’ll should expect to see their mugshots on Facebook by Monday. Wright says even some of the bad guys want a good mugshot.
“To me the, there’s been a couple of posed that I’ve seen on here, but some of them are probably, I don’t know if it’s really on their mind, they probably have other things on their mind at the time,” said Wright. 
Chief Anderson says the police department even has “Warrant Wednesday” where they post a list of everyone who has a warrant in the city.