Mt. Vernon residents will vote on a tax hike to fund public parks projects


MOUNT VERNON, Mo. — Residents of Mount Vernon may soon be paying a little more in taxes. There is a reason for the possible tax hike.

That’s right, and voters have less than two weeks to decide. On the ballot on November 2nd — the question of whether to impose a sales tax of half of one percent of one penny for every dollar spent in the city.

If sales tax “Proposition P” is passed — the money would fund a number of parks projects, primarily at “Spirit 76 Park” and the Mount Vernon Swimming Pool.

For the pool those projects would include fixing leaks, adding water slides, a lazy river, rock wall and a zero-entry pool. Upgrades for the park include new ADA-compliant playground equipment, baseball and football fields and restrooms.

“I don’t like to pay taxes, I don’t want a tax increase either but I think if you’re gonna live in a town and support it, support is money wise too, not just being here,” said Judy Baldwin – Mount Vernon Resident.

And it wouldn’t just be Vernon County residents paying for it.

“Everybody who comes through town is contributing to the park sales tax. Based on if they’re buying retail items here, then everyone is a more fair way to do it in my opinion,” said Jason Haymes – Mount Vernon Mayor.

After schools — Mayor Haymes says it’s activities that parent look into for their kids.

“The next thing that they would like to see is a parks system that would support the activities that they’re wanting to do,” said Haymes.

“I think it would be more fun for the kids, and I think it would draw in more people even from the area, and I think it could help us that way too,” said Baldwin.

If it doesn’t pass — officials say it would cost upwards of one million dollars to fix the pool alone. When people come into Mount Vernon and buy something — that money will then go towards helping pay for the pool and parks projects.

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