Mt. Vernon Chamber of Commerce doing their part to help restaurants


MT. VERNON, Mo. — Mt. Vernon and its Chamber of Commerce are doing their part to help keep local restaurants open.

The game of bingo is playing a role in the community.

It hasn’t been easy and for local restaurants like Angus Branch Grill in Mt. Vernon it’s no different.

Megan Golubski, Owner Of Angus Branch Grill, said, “We’ve had to lay off a lot of employees. I’m sure a lot of small businesses are in the same position that we are. We don’t want to close. We want to support this town. We want to make sure our staff comes back, so i’m hoping and praying every day that this is over quickly.”

That’s where bingo comes in you can get a card on the chamber’s website and then cross off spots by visiting local restaurants.

And no matter what spot you land on or cross off, it serves as an advocate to continue to support local establishments.

Pam Dudley, Director of Mt Vernon Chamber of Commerce, said, “I never dreamed that this would be the busiest time of my career. I’ve been here over four years and i have not slept much in the last few days just out of concern, but trying to come up with all these ideas that will help and be positive to promote our businesses.”

It’s an idea that people and businesses alike can rally behind as restaurants and small businesses navigate back to normalcy.

“We want to try to be a light and be an encouragement to them that this isn’t going to last, it will pass, and we are going to be there to support them everything we can think of or do.”

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