MSSU teams up with Dickerson Park Zoo to showcase Australian wildlife


My favorite part was probably looking at all of the animals and seeing the bird and all kinds of things like that because it was pretty interactive,” explained MSSU sophomore Emily Schubert.

Schubert came to the Corley Auditorium to see Dickerson Park Zoo from Springfield present animals from Australia.

“I really like to learn about other people and I’m a social work major, so we have to work with all kinds of people and it’s important for us to learn about being culturally competent,” Schubert added.

The zoo brought two reptiles, one mammal and one bird to campus — including a sugar glider and a bearded dragon.

“I think humans always want to connect with that animal world and to understand and love them,” said zoo ambassador Nancy Wiser.

People were given the chance to see these animals up close and personal.

They learned about similarities and differences of animals living in a different country compared to animals living here.

“When we learn about animals that live far away, it helps us to compare and understand species that live here that are similar to those that live there,” Wiser added.

“It’s great you can come to these things and learn about their culture and destigmatize certain countries,” said Schubert.

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