MSSU tackles $35 million dollar backlog


A $35 million dollar backlog at Missouri Southern may soon get some needed attention.
Years and years of putting off repairs and maintenance on campus. It all adds up to tens of millions of dollars.
“There’s so many places to park – it’s so quiet,” says Sydney Stiles.
Syndey Stiles enjoys being on campus during the summer. She knows school leaders are looking for the best way to spend the budget they’ve got – and trusts them to get the job done.
“As long as I’m still able to go to class, I’m still able to talk to my professors amd get the help I need, it doesn’t really affect me,” says Stiles.
But there is a long list of campus needs to address – three pages of them. MSSU President Dr. Alan Marble says the promise of an extra two million dollars in state funding means the chance to start the fix.
“I think we start with things campuswide – parking lots haven’t been resealed. I’ve been here five years and we haven’t resealed any,” says Marble.
There are also roofs that leak, causing additional problems along with aging heating and air systems.
“We have steam pipes that leak that cost us money; chillers that need to be replaced. We’ve got a list 50 three pages long,” says Marble.
The oldest buildings on campus are now 50 years old – needing even more repair and maintenance.
“All the original ones do they’re fed off the main line – there are leaks dig it up – just gets worse and worse,” says Marble.
How much they can actually spend on these projects depends on how the rest of the budget plays out. They’re still waiting to see if a 15 percent tuition hike will lead to a million dollar penalty from the state. Enrollment numbers could affect overall revenue or even the state withholding some of their support if state revenue drops.

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