MSSU students investigate mock illegal hunting scene for Fishing Game Enforcement course


JOPLIN, Mo. — Students at an area university go out on the trail of illegal hunters. They went outside the classroom today to investigate a mock-illegal hunting scene.

According to the mock scenario, a person has called to report gunshots on private property without first getting the landowner’s permission.

“As part of our “Fishing Game Enforcement” course, they’re learning how to document scenes where illegal hunting has occurred, we broke the class up into a couple of groups and each group has a couple of scenes, we didn’t give them a whole lot of background, just to go out and see what kind of evidence that they can find to support a charge of illegal hunting,” said Dr. Tim Wilson, MSSU Criminal Justice Program Chair.

This is the first time in ten years that this particular class has been offered, and the first time for this type of exercise. Even though it happens to be turkey hunting season right now, the violators in this scenario also used deer corn to attract the animals, which Wilson says is also against the law.

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