MSSU students get internship experience at Community Clinic


JOPLIN, Mo. — Internships are a great way for students to find out if a particular occupation really is for them, before they graduate with a degree in that field.

A local health clinic and university is a good example.

There’s no way the Community Clinic of Southwest Missouri could exist without the help of a host of volunteers.

And many of them have something in common, they go to the same school.

Depending upon what time of the year it is, there can be an entire team of students from Missouri Southern volunteering at the Community Clinic.

Stephanie Brady, Community Clinic Executive Director, said, “They’ll be interested in that field, they want to learn from us and they want to see what it’s like, so they come out here, they get that experience and then they realize this really is what they want to do”

A good example is MSSU Spanish Major Kayla Brogan.

Brogan serves as an interpreter for clients who speak only broken English, or none at all.

And as soon as she starts conversing with them in their own language, she notices a sigh of relief.

Kayla Brogan, Interpreter Intern, said, “I think so, I mean like as soon as they know there is someone there to interpret they feel like relieved there’s someone there that can actually help them better, so yeah I think like they at least like appreciate like there’s someone at least is there.”

Dr. Renee White says volunteering at the clinic is a great way for social work majors to become familiar with some of the same people they might be working with after they graduate.

Dr. Renee White, Social Work Department Chair, said, “The Community Clinic allows our students to really have a touch point for their clients in the future that these will be the people they will serve and minister too.”

“With the nursing program we’re working on projects with our flu clinics in the fall, we also do dental sealants programs with out children so there are a lot of opportunities,” said Brady.

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