MSSU simulator puts medical students in real-life situations


It’s been said that practice makes perfect, especially when you’re dealing with the sick and injured.

Now, students at MSSU have a place to hone their skills, and no one gets hurt if they make mistakes.

“We have a large area of simulation for nursing, respiratory therapy, radiology, but this is specifically towards us,” explained Ted Lee with MSSU Emergency Services. “There are two ambulance boxes in this classroom, we have high-fidelity simulators that we work off of, we have some low-fidelity simulators that do pediatrics–things like that.”

The advantage of this simulator is that students get to work with mannequins before they get to work on humans.

“This is a bigger step because you can actually do stuff hands-on and instead of just learning it, reading it, you can actually do it and you can actually practice it and get better at it with more practice,” said MSSU senior Anastasiya Volkova.

The simulators are equipped with microphones and cameras so instructors can see and hear what students are doing and then show them what they did right and wrong.

“One is an amazing opportunity for any institution, but when you have class sizes of twenty, it becomes kind of a scheduling nightmare to get students in and out of this,” Lee added. “For us to have two, we can work independently and run at the same time, which is really a windfall for us. It’s an amazing opportunity here at Missouri Southern.”

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