MSSU provides defense classes to prepare for emergency situations


JOPLIN, Mo. — A dangerous situation can arise at any given moment, which can motivate people to educate themselves on situational awareness.

Why should people exercise extra caution while out in the public?

Law enforcement say there’s been a recent uptick in public crime.

This has caused them to change their tactics while also increasing their self defense teaching methods.

Ken Kennedy, MSSU Police Chief, said, “You’ve always had those threats, but it does seem like in today’s society that it has gotten worse.”

MSSU Police Chief Ken Kennedy advises people to be aware of their surroundings and potential threats at all times.

He teaches the importance of knowing self-defense in his class in case of an emergency.

“I always tell people to watch out for things that don’t belong. People that aren’t normally there vehicles that aren’t normally there and then alert us so we can go check it out.”

Kennedy says this may prevent major incidents from occurring.

Law enforcement have adapted as crime as increased across the nation.

“I mean obviously even the police officers have ballistic shields that will stop rifle rounds. We’ve secured our station so that we have barriers so that people can’t get back to us.”

And for Kennedy’s students they are grateful for the new skill-sets they have acquired.

Gracey Eilts, MSSU Student, said, “because like you see so many people who come out and say well this happened and this happened so you are like I don’t want that happening to me.”

Elizabeth Poe, MSSU Student, said, “I’ve taken away a lot of just movements that I can use to protect myself and also it given me a new form of confidence that I’ve had in my self just to know I can protect myself.”

Kennedy recommends people take classes like karate.

He says this can help them to learn basic self-defense skills.

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