MSSU hosts Thanksgiving lunch for its international students


JOPLIN, Mo. — Missouri Southern is giving international students a taste of an American tradition.

Sunday afternoon MSSU held its first Thanksgiving dinner for international students at the North End Zone Facility.

Students from more than 20 countries enjoyed a classic Thanksgiving meal with turkey and all the trimmings.

Missouri Southern’s President spoke about the history of Thanksgiving and invited students to share what they are thankful for.

“It was delicious having the turkey here, stuffing something we never really have in our country I love it. I love the socializing with all the people here with the Governor’s with all the students I actually never knew because they were here a longer time than me,” said Noah Wilssens, International student from Belgium.

“I hope they learn about Thanksgiving as an American holiday, but I also hope they feel even more welcome at Missouri Southern when they meet our staff, our leadership our board members,” said Dr. Dean Van Galen, MSSU President.

MSSU had a photo booth with a turkey and invited students to take home some leftovers.

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