It’s finals week at Missouri Southern which means students are getting stressed out.

While it’s the most wonderful time of the year for some, it’s a crazy time for college students.
“I’m an overachiever. I’m trying to keep my 4.0 and my government class is the only class I’m super stressed about,” says Sara Sargent & Leann Morrow, a couple of students from MSSU.

Luckily there are some furry friends to help the worried college students take a step back and calm down, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

“There’s a bunch of very busy young people studying for their finals and we’ve invited them to take a little break from their studying and their testing,” says Jason Glaskey.

These guys aren’t just your average dogs, these canines have experience with helping others.

“Louie and Jackson are comfort dogs and they have been doing this all their lives. The boys are seven years old and and we’ve had them at Immanuel for six years now,” says Jason Glaskey.
In fact these pups have even  done some comfort work outside of the Four States.

“Some of the more serious business that they were a part of is helping people who’ve gone through traumatic experiences. We just returned from Las Vegas after the shootings happened at the casino there,” says Jason Glaskey.

Louie and Jackson have a special ability to be a distraction.

“The dogs help to be a small distraction from that to kind of break the cycle, and the dogs help people to open up with their emotions. It just changes the situation for just a few minutes,” says Jason Glaskey.

“It kinda makes you see the grand scheme of things so it’s like “well even if I fail this test it’s not that bad” and it kind of like brings you back down from that like heightened fear of failure,” says Sara Sargent & Leann Morrow.