MSSU has a new sensory room


An area university is giving students the chance to get away from it all, without even leaving campus.

Picture yourself on a beach without a care in the world, and you can get there without leaving the campus of Missouri Southern. Thanks to the sensory room in Hearnes Hall.

It’s only been open for a few weeks. Senior David Brinkley knows about it because he works in a nearby office. And even though it’s only in a small room, he says he notices new things each time he comes here.

“It’s a nice chill room, there are relaxing pictures, there’s all sorts of cute little things to do, like the coloring stuff, there’s a massage chair, I don’t use it lots but my boss does, he seems to like it,” says David Brinkley, MSSU Senior Education Major.

Those are just a few of the amenities of the room inside the Student Success Center.

There’s more than one way to relax in this room, you can do it with the lights on or off”

“You can turn off the lights, there are a couple of lights on, they’re Christmas lights on just little lights here and there you can come here and relax take a little nap and rest a little bit if you want to,” says David Brinkley.

And fellow MSSU senior Kendric Carlock gave it a shot, and, well, you be the judge.

“’s really relaxing actually, it’s a really good chair,” says Kendric Carlock, MSSU Senior.

“Are you going to come back?” I asked.

“I’ll be here for sure, this is a great, this is a pretty good addition,” says Carlock.

Although it’s open to any student, some of the features inside are ideal for those with anxiety, ADHD and even autism.

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