MSSU expands their CSI lab


Students considering a career in crime fighting have a lot more options for learning after an expansion in a CSI lab.

Crime scene investigation has a whole new focus at Missouri Southern. There’s twice the space to teach students like Savannah Williamson.

“I was going to be a band teacher and then I came down and toured this whole facility and I just kind of fell in love with the whole program,” says Savannah Williamson, MSSU student.

And now the MSSU sophomore is learning all kinds of investigative techniques.

“Foot impressions and like learning to take fingerprints off the sticky side of duct tape,” says Williamson.

Just a small part of the CSI class she’s taking. Williamson and other students have a lot more room to investigate. MSSU has doubled the number of lab rooms and added a dedicated classroom for crime scene investigation.

“We have increased the number of students that can take advantage of this training we have increased their time on task. We may take one particular topic and divide them into smaller groups and they all have the opportunity to work instead of waiting around for other students to be done,” says Dr. Tim Wilson, MSSU Criminal Justice.

And it’s not just the CSI class that benefits. The MSSU Law Enforcement Academy stages training in the space.

“The recruits use this area for building clearing, for domestic violence practicals,” says Dr. Tim Wilson.

And the benefits of the extra space aren’t limited to the classroom.

“Employers are asking them what do they know – they’re able to take the stuff they’ve learned in these simulation labs and say I can do that,” says Dr. Wilson.

The program has consistently had waiting lists of students wanting to take the class – so this means a few more can sign up each semester. MSSU spent about $50 thousand dollars on the upgrades.

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